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"Used Happy Chain for the first time yesterday and wow! What a difference. Nice and smooth. Have already begun to recommend to my friends. Nice work!"

Tim Metzger, NH



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Jeff Rosch, North Greenbush, NY

"I've been using Happy Chain on my bikes for about 7 months now.  I started using your product on my road bike after seeing how easy it was to clean up and re-apply.  We ride gravel roads on many of our rides and the grit picked up has been a problem in the past.  Hosing off the cassette and chain after a ride leaves my drive train clean and seems to prevent the premature wear I'm used to seeing.  I started using Happy Chain on my cyclocross bikes after seeing how well it did on my road bike.  I've ridden my bikes in sub-freezing temperatures and through mud and snow and have to say that my bike has never shifted better!  I've talked many of my friends into switching.  Thanks for the great product!"  


Thank you Jeff. Jeff leads many rides for the Mohawk Hudson Cycling Club (, and is always looking for vertical..... Here are some pictures from a climb up Mt. Greylock (Mass.) in the snow. Drive train covered in snow and still working great........

Todd Shapiro, Saratoga, NY

"Since I got the sample of HappyChain from you at Spa 'cross I've been using it religiously after my rides all winter. I am impressed! This stuff has not only kept my chain rust free, but it does wonders against the water and grit from the rough winter roads. Even the rock salt was no match."  


Thank you Todd. Todd is a NAV team member and rides out of Saratoga, NY all year long.

Mark Zotto, Troy, NY

"I have been a ProLink Gold chain lube user for about 10 years.  I considered it the best lube, but disliked how I could not just wash my bike down after a messy ride in the rain without having to do a complete cleaning of the chain with a degreaser (then rinse it completely to get all of the solvent out of the chain, dry it, lube it, and finally wipe it down after waiting a few minutes for the oil to sink in). But now I have found something that works just as well lubrication wise that has the added benefit of "One Step Clean and Lube!" I just hose my bike off (yes, being careful not to hit any bearings with high pressure streams), wipe it down, leave my chain a bit moist, lube it w/ Happy Chain, and hang it up on the bike rack.  When I get on to ride it (usually the next day), the bike is shiny clean and so is the chain, and the chain is also lubed and ready to go.  My drive train is just as quiet with Happy Chain as it was with ProLink Gold. I won't miss the messy cleanups! One of my favorite rides (100 miles, 10k of climbing, this one does the easy side of Greylock, but just reverse it for the killer north side): ." 


Richard Entrekin, Dallas, TX

"We live and ride in Texas. I used Happy Chain on our CoMotion tandem. I was pleasantly surprised with the clean drivetrain look, and the quiet running chain because I CANNOT stand bike noise. However, I was a little skeptical about how a water soluble lube would do in the rain. I didn't plan on doing this test but here is what happened: Lovely bride and I had the luck to do a 40 mile ride in the pouring rain. Not misting, not drizzling, but one in which the heavens opened up. I was concerned that the chain would be trash when we finished. When it rains in Texas we have this really fine grit that comes off the road and coats everything. It is particulary nasty to chains. To my surprise, no chain squeaks or grinding. Cleaning up the drivetrain was as simple as Simple Green and a hose, with a reapplication of the Happy Chain. I'm sold. All of the other bikes got the Happy Chain baptism after that."  




TJ O'Connor, Slingerlands, NY

"I love your product and my noiseless chain. I have recommended Happy Lube to several cyclist & they are very pleased with it as well. Ride safe!" 

Steve Battaglini, Ballston Spa, NY

"Racing DH in the northeast is going to be a muddy day of riding, even if it is a dry season.  I was given a sample of Happy Chain to try out and was reluctant, but then did exactly what was explained.  Since then I have purchased a bottle and after every day of either practice or race day, it is great to just hit the chain with a hose, re-apply Happy Chain and it is all set.  I always hated cleaning the drive-train on the bike, now it is easy.  My drive-train has never looked so clean."




"BTW I use HappyChain on my road bike and mountain bike..."It is the bomb"!

Tim Metzger, NH

"Used Happy Chain for the first time yesterday and wow! What a difference. Nice and smooth. Have already begun to recommend to my friends. Nice work!"