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"Used Happy Chain for the first time yesterday and wow! What a difference. Nice and smooth. Have already begun to recommend to my friends. Nice work!"

Tim Metzger, NH



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Hold the bottle in your left hand, and rest your hand against the chain stay to steady the bottle. Squeeze the bottle to get a steady stream of lube while turning the crank backward with your right hand.

As you can see here the lube is being applied in a nice steady stream, applying a nice constant sized bead. Applicant is applying the lube while back pedaling the pedals with their free hand.

It is best to make sure HappyChain is lightly covering your whole chain to inhibit rust. The applicant above is running the chain through their fingers. Make sure you back pedal when doing this step to keep from catching your fingers in the spokes of the spinning wheel.

Allow drying for that quiet new chain feel.     Reapply as needed.


The drying water actually sucks the lube deep into your chain, leaving a very light coating of oil on the outside. This is exactly how your chain should be when lubed properly, the lube is inside with a light coating outside to minimize dirt pickup.


Drying is not necessary, but it will minimize dirt pickup and make for a better experience. Get in the habit of spraying off your chain after a ride, apply HappyChain, and let dry over night... your bike will be ready to go the next time you need it.


Once you follow these few simple steps, your chain will look clean, shiny and ready to rock. Now go out and RIDE!!

Now that your epic ride is over, it is time to prepare your chain for your next ride. Place the chain on a middle cassette cog, direct the blast from a hose directly at the chain, and rotate the pedals backward to clean the chain.  

Your cassette and chain should now look like this.

Hand dry your chain using a rag or paper towel as shown.  Wrap the towel around the chain and turn the pedals backward, letting the chain slide through the rag. Apply HappyChain immediately. A damp chain is preferred because HappyChain works with water to get the lube deep into your chain as the water dries.


DO NOT let your bike dry without reapplying HappyChain   because this could rust your chain. HappyChain contains a   powerful yet environmentally friendly rust inhibitor.

Chain scrubbers work great, and require only WATER as the solvent when cleaning with HappyChain. Remember to use ONLY WATER to clean HAPPYCHAIN. Repeating 2 or 3 times with clean water does a really good job. And... NO MESSY SOLVENT TO GET RID OF.

 Start with a hose OR a chain scrubber






Spray off the chain rings and cassette as well. A light brush action might help speed things up. Be careful not to direct a hard blast of water directly at wheel bearings or your bottom bracket bearings.

Test for dirt and sand by twisting the chain lightly  one way then the other. If it feels "crunchy" then it still needs more cleaning. It should feel smooth when you twist it.

Using HappyChain chain lube


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HappyChain clean
HappyChain chain lube
HappyChain chain lube