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HappyChain 2 oz. size is no longer available online. The 4 and 8 oz. are!!!


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"Used Happy Chain for the first time yesterday and wow! What a difference. Nice and smooth. Have already begun to recommend to my friends. Nice work!"

Tim Metzger, NH



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The science of wear and lubrication is called "Tribology", and one of the best references on tribology is the "Theory And Practice Of Lubrication For Engineers". Surprisingly, some of the best advances in tribology of the 20th century were in the improved tolerances of components (in car engines for example) and keeping the lubricant clean and dirt free. The oil filter was a major advance. 


The best lubricants in the world are useless if there is dirt in the system.


Unfortunately, bicycle chains do not have oil filters. The next best thing is to keep your chain as clean as possible. HappyChain was developed for easy and efficient chain cleaning and lubrication. To maximize both the life of your chain and your enjoyment of the bicycling experience.    Have Fun... Ride Often........

If you are interested in this book look for ISBN: 0471047031