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Places to Ride 

Saratoga, New York, Europe...

TransAlp 2012 Fun Ride 


10 Days of snow, rain, hot, cold - through 3 countries


7/7/12 - We are somewhere in France, near Switzerland and Italy. We will try to post to the blog at


Checking the map

5000' before lunch

Only one thing for sure

Wherever we are going it is up!

7/8/12 -   Stayed in Briancon France last night. Big old fort there. We are in Abries France tonight. Picture is in the back country. Cows were living in it, they came out to inspect us, didn't get kicked Carried my bike up the final 3000'

Single track on the backside was worth it, 5000' to the valley. We will try and post some video, Roman is using my gopro. Hope you are all doing great - Steve


7/10/12 - Roman and Hendrik check where the single track peels off. Have to appreciate that these roads were built with the blood of our forefathers'. Thousands of roads all through the mountains, perfectly crafted by hand, like this one here.

See you soon


7/9/12 - 3 hours, a few boulder fields and snow fields and we reach the pass 10,000'.... Hendrik said it was going to be an easy/short day.... No more easy days please!

Bikers in the distance.

Crossed the French/Italian border at the pass we are now in Sampeyre Italy.

Working our way to the Mediterranean.

See you all soon.

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Here are some pictures my buddy Hendrik took…if you can stand the slide show, I have not had a chance to parse through them, day 3 and 5 are particularly memorable, but all was good.




Day 1 Diashow abspielen

Day 2 Diashow abspielen

Day 3 Diashow abspielen

Day 4 Diashow abspielen

Day 5 Diashow abspielen

Day 6 Diashow abspielen

Day 7 Diashow abspielen

Day 8 Diashow abspielen