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HappyChain 2 oz. size is no longer available online. The 4 and 8 oz. are!!!


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"Used Happy Chain for the first time yesterday and wow! What a difference. Nice and smooth. Have already begun to recommend to my friends. Nice work!"

Tim Metzger, NH



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We're talking dirt and sand… the enemy of your chain… wash it out regularly… and let your chain enjoy a long and happy life.



What it is

HappyChain® bicycle chain lube is a water releasable oil based lubricant that will stay on and provide high pressure lubrication under many conditions until washed off with water. It will tend to stay on even in wet conditions due to light rain or splashing from puddles. Dirt and sand can be blasted out of your chain with water from a hose or by using a chain scrubbing tool with water in the solvent reservoir (NO Degreaser). Your chain rings, cassette, and derailleur will be sparkling too. HappyChain can then be reapplied immediately. A damp chain is preferred because HappyChain works with water, and the drying water will suck the lube deep into your chain, for that quiet new chain feel. See How To Use for more details.



Why we made it

HappyChain bicycle chain lube was created by engineers that ride, have their bikes in top condition, and love that quiet new-chain feeling every time they ride. The thought of sand and dirt in our chain is like chewing sand; painful, and damaging to your bike. But we are lazy too, and we hate the dirty job of cleaning a chain. The thought was that maybe a chain lube does not need to be completely water proof for most riding conditions, and maybe it could work with water. Maybe a chain lube could be made to wash out with water from a hose, and wash out the dirt and sand without using a degreaser. And be reapplied immediately because it inhibits rust…….



Why we ride…

HappyChain is an attitude toward life. It says I am happy to be alive and moving around the earth. Bicycling is one way I like to get around and have fun. I like to ride, I like people that like to ride (and a few that don’t). Trying to re-experience the freedom of a child riding for the first time, feeling the wind, the freedom, the joy of riding. Get back there. Be a HappyChain for a few moments.




Do not eat or take internally. Do not get in eyes. In case of eye contact flush with plenty of water.  Keep out of reach of children.


Ride and have fun…..

Oil base... will not dry out!


Easy clean... no more mess ...

                    more degreaser!


Quiet... new chain feel ... every time you ride!